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Graco’s line of reactor equipment guarantees reliable performance. Our selection includes air driven, electric, hydraulic and portable insulation equipment models designed for projects of any size. Guarantee your customers the benefits of a quieter, comfortable home and a quality installation with Graco reactor equipment.

Reactor E-Series: Value Meets High Performance

Designed by industry leader Graco, the Reactor E-Series provides users with total control. Its advanced features provide more uptime for your spray day and preserve your equipment longer than other brands. Reliable and durable, the Reactor E-Series comes in a range of models and systems to match your specific application.

  • Easy to use, easy to learn – reduces training time and increases productivity
  • Circulation valves with longer lasting seals
  • Longer lasting modular heater control boards that minimize downtime
  • Heat transformers that don’t require tap settings
  • Models include E-8p, E-10hp, E-20, and E-XP1

Discover the benefits of Graco E-Series Reactors

  • Advanced control technology tracks, monitors and saves project data
  • Graco Insite Remote Reporting Technology (with Elite models)
  • Troubleshooting made easy with on-screen QR code shortcuts
  • Compact design saves room in your spray rig

Reactor 2 models include E-30, E-XP2, and E-30i, E-XP2i

Reactor H-Series: A Blend of Performance and Superior Power

Spraying professionals continue to return to hydraulic systems to reap the benefits of the latest spraying technologies and add productivity to boost their bottom line. For high-output spraying, the Graco brand specialty hydraulic reactors provide increased performance and yield every time.

  • Adjust fixed ratio application from 1:1 with flexible A and B pumps
  • Tighter or looser ratio error detection with adjustable pressure system
  • Models include: H-25, H-40, H-50, H-XP2, H-XP3 and H-VR
  • Digital heat and pressure controls allow you to precisely program temperatures and pressures, and monitor machine performance
  • Circulation Valves reduce isocyanate crystallization while offering more controlled pressure balancing
  • Powerful hybrid heaters heat material quickly and maintain temperature set points – even when spraying at maximum flow rates
  • Reliable and accurate hose connection system. Flexile fluid temperature sensor allows you to monitor and control temperature closer to the gun.
  • ISO Pump Lube System prevents Isocyanate crystallization on the pump seal and shaft
  • Positive displacement pumps are easy to service and provide smoother changeover for maintaining best spray pattern
  • Analog temperature and pressure gauges are standard

Circuit board is divided into easy-to-replace modules that simplify troubleshooting and maintenance, maximizing spray time.

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