Intec Turbo Force – There’s a New FORCE in Town

Trust the leading wholesale Intec Turbo Force insulation blowing machine distributors to put you in the lead with …

Labor Savings – Fastest in-class install speeds for dense pack, blow behind netting, and attics while meeting manufacturers’ coverage charts. 17 cu foot hopper holds up to 3 bags cellulose or 1 bag fiberglass enhancing crew sequencing.

Application Versatility – Choose your product, choose your installation type – this system can do it all (attics, walls, fireproofing).

Ease of Use – GoWireless industrial wireless remote minimizes set-up and tear down time, easily accessible 15amp circuits provide power, portable.

Intec Quick-Access™ – IQA™ – We’ve made it easy to make machine adjustments, perform routine maintenance, and complete repairs to give you years of trouble-free use. The revolutionary tilt back design simplifies access to airlock, agitators, and all working components.

Two Versions Available

  • Turbo Force (1-blower)
    • Wall Fill (BIBs) 2”x6”, 16” OC, 80.5” high: 39 sec.
    • Attic Fill (cellulose): 2,255#/hr.
    • Arc Length (throw) cellulose: 10’
  • HP3 (2-blowers)
    • Wall Fill (BIBs) 2”x6”, 16” OC, 80.5” high: 32 sec.
    • Attic Fill (cellulose): 2,475#/hr.
    • Arc Length (throw) cellulose: 15’


  • Largest in-class hopper holds volumes of insulation
  • Breaker bar increases cellulose load factors
  • Large loading platform
  • Wireless transmitter comes with four placement options
    • Jacket for wrist or hose, lanyard, and belt clip
  • Intec Quick-Access – IQA™ simplifies machine adjustments, routine maintenance, and repairs allowing for years of trouble-free use
    • Revolutionary tilt-back design – loosen two connectors and just tilt back. Routine maintenance is a breeze with easy access.
    • Material flow settings – easy reach and quick pin setting lets you quickly dial in your material flow.
    • Filters – two filters with easy access – simply slide out, shake, and slide back in.
    • Electrical components – built-in diagnostics with indicator lights, open door access, and plug and play modularity


Weight: 385 lbs. (175 kg)

Body: Powder-coated aluminum will not rust

Hose outlet: 3” (7.6 cm)


  • 2 – 115VAC 15amp circuits with standard
  • 3 – 115VAC 15amp circuits with hP3

Industrial wireless remote with 250’ operating range

Blower(s): 115 VAC – 14.3 amp, single stage generates 4.5^+

Agitator motor: ½ HP, 115VAC, 7.8 amp

Airlock motor: ½ HP, 115VAC, 7.8 amp

Hopper: 17 cubic feet

Production Rates

  • Cellulose: 99 bags/hr. | 41 lbs./min. | 2475 lbs./hr.
  • Fiberglass: 30 bags/hr. | 15 lbs./min. | 900 lbs./hr.
  • Rockwool: 82 bags/hr. | 41 lbs./min. | 2460 lbs./hr.

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