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Ramset® I-F Continuous-Insulation Fastening System:

Limited Time Offer – Valid Through Sept. 2017:

Purchase 6,000 Ramset I.F. Fasteners & Receive a FREE Ramset T3IF-6 installation tool OR

Purchase 12,000 Ramset I.F. Fasteners & Receive 2 FREE Ramset T3IF-6 installation tools


A Safer Installation Process . . .

Unlike stick-pin solutions, the Ramset-I-F solution does not require an installer to risk injury while pushing insulation onto the sharp nail points of the pin.

Unlike powder-based solutions, the Ramset-I-F solution does not impact the installer’s wrist, elbow, and shoulder with the same amount of “kick-back force” and does not generate job-site debris in the form of spent load casings.

Unlike screw-and-plate solutions which subject the installer’s wrist and elbow to the torque of the installation driver, the Ramset-I-F solution installs with a straight-push-down force.

Improved Performance of Installed Insulation . . .

Unlike stick-pin or screw-and-plate solutions which interrupt the insulation by impaling it with piece of metal and creating a thermal bridge, the Ramset-I-F solution installs an air gap between the building substrate and the un-insulated-environment.

A More Efficient Installation Process . . .

Unlike the multiple-step process recommended for stick-pin solutions, the Ramset-I-F solution installs a fastener in a single-step that is completed in just seconds. This simplicity can reduce labor time by 1/2 or more.

Unlike power-based solutions, the Ramset-I-F solution does not require installer licensing or reloading of the charge after every fastener.

Unlike screw-and-plate solutions, the Ramset-I-F solution does not require drilling and tapping time. Instead, each fastener installs in seconds with the pull of a trigger.

Ramset is a registered trademark of Illinois Tool Works Corporation. All rights are reserved in the United States and in other countries.

MP-20 Pump & Motor

Hi-quality, double belt-driven pump with 1 HP TEFC motor offers easy, reliable operation. Ideal for the professional contractor. Delivers 5.7 Gpm @250 PSI. Weight 82#.

Krendl Stud Scrubber

This stud scrubber is used to remove excessive spray-on cellulose insulation between wall studs allowing for easy installation of drywall. 1/8 HP TEFC motor, belt driven scrubber with tensioner. Aluminum frame construction for lightweight and corrosion resistant qualities. A 27” wide scrubber x 26” long frame for use on 24” centers. Also available in 18” width for 16” on center studs in closets or congested areas.


These disposable coveralls resist tears or punctures and stay tough wet or dry. Full cut allows coveralls to be worn comfortably over clothing for a variety of jobs. Fabric is s pun-bound fiber, zip front with a collar. Also available with hood. (Not shown). Packaged 25 per case.

Mark II Hose

Crushproof durability results from an exclusive two-piece construction of premium grade copolymers. Mark II hose features an especially abrasion-resistant crown and translucent walls for easy monitoring of material flow. Mark II is fast becoming the industry standard for all-purpose insulation blowing hose.

Available in Six Sizes

  • 1-1/2”
  • 2”
  • 2-1/2”
  • 3”
  • 3-1/2”
  • 4”

Connectors and Reducers

Welded steel construction

Hose Connectors Available (Size)

  • 2”
  • 2-1/2”
  • 3”
  • 3-1/2”
  • 4”

Reducer Connectors Available (Size)

  • 4” to 3-1/2”
  • 3-1/2” to 3”
  • 3” to 2-1/2”
  • 2-1/2” to 2”
  • 4” to 3”

Steel Clamps

These steel clamps with worm drive will adjust to fit 2”, 2-1/2”, 3”, or 4”

360 Degrees Swivel Nozzle

Great for blowing glass.

Wall Nozzles

We carry various sizes and types of nozzles and adapters to choose from. Their design with solid steel or aluminum construction make them an excellent buy.

Lenox High-Speed Carbide, Stucco, and Wood Bits

Available in all sizes. Call us!

Relton Bits

Available in all sizes. Call us!


Plastic, regular and long flang. Available in foam and wood. Available in all sizes. Call us!

3M 8210 Disposable Dust Mask

Think safety!

Wear dust masks when installing all types of blown insulation. 3M’s 8210 is low in cost and, with its adjustable nose clip and elastic headband, is designed to fit anyone.

20 per carton, 160 per case.

Also available: 3M 8000 double strap mask, and 3M 8511 Mask with exhaust valve

For general purpose protection against dusts as those associated with cleaning, sweeping floors, mowing the lawn and dusting around the home or office. Not intended for protection against toxic chemicals.

20/box, 12 boxes/case

  • NIOSH N95-approved Particulate Respirator
  • State-of-the-art filtration media ensures comfortable breathing
  • Crush-resistant and durable in hot, humid conditions through innovative double-shell technology
  • Staple-free construction with comfortable, soft outer layer
  • Electrostatically charged to enhance filtration

Dura-Stilt III

The Dura-Stilt Corporation’s top of the line, adjustable height stilts include spring tension capabilities to allow for natural leg movement. The telescoping legs are easy to use and can be quickly adjusted without additional tools. Foot straps are included.

J & R Products Insul-Shield

Manufactured by J & R Products, Insul-Shield is your best protection against fire from heat build-up from insulating over or too close to recessed lights and other heat-producing fixtures. Packaged 12 rolls per carton.

  • Lightweight aluminum material.
  • Measures 14” high and 24’ long. Each roll makes about six to eight shields. Installation is quick, easy and safe to use with cellulose, fiberglass and rockwool insulation.

Tool Belts

Available in two styles.

SuperKut Insulation Knife

Created by a veteran insulation installer, the new SuperKut Insulation Knife makes cutting insulation faster and easier with less strain. Specifically designed for insulation, this contractor-grade cutting tool compresses the material so a special blade can make superior cuts in one stroke. Producing less fatigue on wrists and hands and reducing the amount of material waste, this product is an important tool for anyone working with insulation.

The patented SuperKut consistently makes perfect cuts up to seven times faster than ordinary knives. While standard utility knives can be slow, cumbersome and often painful, its four-inch scraper blade makes cutting easier and more efficient. The blade is held in an angled metal sleeve that can be conveniently used to tuck insulation into tight corners. It produces less waste than other cutting tools. And its ergonomic design results in less strain and fewer injuries for the user.

Each SuperKut Insulation Knife comes with four blades and a screwdriver, molded into the handle, to easily change the blades. It has a 30 day, money-back guarantee.

Batt Knives, Utility Knives, and Blades

Fixed and retractable styles available

Insulated Attic Stair Cover

Manufactured by InsulAttic, the Attic Vault Insulated Attic Tent creates a barrier to prevent heat/cooled air from entering the attic via the opening surrounding installed attic stairs.

  • Create an air seal to prevent loss of heat/cooled air into the attic
  • Made from the highest quality rigid foam insulation for maximum savings
  • Prevents air movement between the living and attic space

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