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As the top wholesale reflective insulation suppliers in the industry, IDI offers a wide variety of options so that you can choose the best product for your projects. Get the best quality, in the quantities you need, at the prices you want.

VR Plus Shield

The VR Plus Shield is a multi-layer reflective insulation for furred-out masonry walls. This unique insulation has expanding layers that separate to create three reflective air spaces, and R-valves up to R-7.1. All products, including the VR Plus Shield are made with sustainable green building materials, making them user friendly and environmentally safe.

AA2 Vapor Shield

Fi-Foil’s Vapor Shield is a multi-layer reflective insulation intended for use on furred-out masonry walls. The inside layer is a minimum .00045” aluminum foil. The outer layer is 35 lb. natural kraft paper coated with polyethylene, Flange boards or expanders separate the paper from the foil creating a 3/8” reflective air space. When installed on furring strips spaced 16” or 24” on center, a second reflective air space is formed. This air space is dependent upon the thickness of the furring strip selected. AA2 Vapor Shield is available in Standard & High-perm.

Silver Shield

Fi-Foil’s Silver Shield is intended for use on the underside of roof rafters with a perforated radiant barrier to allow for vapor transmission. Silver Shield is a multi-layer radiant barrier with a metalized PVC inside layer. The outer layer is made from .000285” aluminum foil reinforced with a tri-directional fiberglass and polyester scrip and laminated with a fire retardant adhesive to 30 lb. natural kraft.

Retro Shield Systems

The Retro Shield System, developed primarily for the metal building industry, is the ideal solution for the retrofitting and upgrading of insulation systems in existing metal buildings.

The exclusive system incorporates the RBI Shield, which features Fi-Foil’s revolutionary reflective insulation technology and Clip & Pin components. The only system available on the market that unites these two components, Retro-Shield provides unmatched energy performance and ease of installation for reduced construction and operating costs.

The Clip & Pin components easily attach to the lip of the purlin to secure the reflective insulation. The result is a simple installation that greatly reduces expensive labor costs, but also eliminates the need for additional framing or other alterations to complete the retrofit process.

RBI Shield offers maximum energy efficiency for any roof or wall retrofit application. The reflective insulation technology provides high reflectivity and low emissivity for superior thermal performance and cost efficiency that is also environmentally friendly.

RBI Shield

Fi-Foil’s RBI Shield (Reflective Bubble Insulation) was developed to serve as a multipurpose insulation system for agricultural, commercial, and residential applications in floors, roofs, and walls. These products are available in double and single bubble as well as a variety of sizes, including 16”, 24”, 48”, 54”, 66”, and 72” widths in rolls 125’ long. The RBI Shield can be used as a vapor barrier and comes with an optional integrated tab to eliminate the taping of seams.

FSK Shield

Fi-Foil’s FSK Shield is a single-sided foil facing that is comprised of 0.0003” aluminum foil bonded to 30 lb. natural kraft paper with a flame retardant adhesive and is reinforced with tri-directional fiberglass scrim. FSK Shield is intended for use as an attic, roof, or wall radiant barrier and as a class A insulation facing. The product also can be used as an effective vapor barrier. FSK Shield is available in 1000 square foot rolls 54” wide.

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