IDI has everything you need to get the job done.

As your wholesale insulation staple suppliers, IDI is here to provide you with the staples and staplers you need to quickly and effectively complete your projects. Browse our wide selection to get the wholesale insulation staplers contractors’ trust.

Staples for H30-6

STCR 2619 1/4″ Generic

STCR 2619 5/16” Generic

STCR 2619 3/8” Generic

Staples for H30-8

STCR 5019 ¼” Generic

STCR 5019 5/16” Generic

STCR 5019 3/8” Generic

Staples for HT550

508 ¼” Generic

5010 5/16” Generic

Staples for R-19

A-19 ¼” Generic*

*Fits R-19 gun only


Senco (C06) 3/8” Generic & 5010 C


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