Vac-Matic™ Insulation Removal Suppliers

IDI offers the Vac-Matic insulation removal vacuum for your next insulation job. The Vac-Matic vacuum removes all types of damaged or contaminated loose attic insulation; this includes fiberglass, rock wool and cellulose. The ergonomic design and pneumatic tires make the Vac-Matic machine compact and easy to use. There are options to include optional hoses, sleeves, clamps, vacuum wands, and disposal vacuum bags.

Vac-Matic™ Insulation Removal Vacuum

The Insulation Removal Vacuum aids in the removal of existing attic insulation and also transfers recycled fiber from spray applied wall applications.


  • Heavy duty impellers designed to extend the life of the vacuum
  • Replaceable ports
  • Inlet safety door offers protection when the hose is removed
  • Optional accessories available


Weight: 240lbs

Dimensions: 44”H x 32”W x 31”L

14 Horsepower Engine: Air-cooled gasoline engine with dependable power


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