Do you need a customized solution for your insulation business? Whether you’re a residential or commercial specialist, we can tailor just the right spray rig to fit your business. Our knowledgeable tech team will fully train and support you as your learn the operational details of your new spray rig. Also, be sure to browse our rig options to see what we can build for you. Are you ready to take the next step? Find your local rep to get more information on our rigs and upcoming spray foam training events. Or sign up for Spray Polyurethane Foam Chemical Health and Safety Training today!

We believe that all foam rigs should be held to a certain standard. There are legal, functional, and most importantly, safety aspects that must be adhered to. Below you will find a list of our standards that will be found on every foam rig that we sell to our customers.


  • Power plant must provide enough watts to support all subsystems of the spray rig at once, with 15% power to spare. If not equipped with a proper power plant you may have insufficient current to any given component, causing costly electrical damage.
  • Electric Air Compressors must be equipped with a continuous run valve. This prevents the compressor from constantly cycling on and off, drawing unnecessary current spikes from the generator that can cause damage to the other electrical components resulting in costly repairs. It also extends service life of compressor and cools in between cycles.
  • All fluid supply and re-circulation hoses are nylon lined due to the chemical resistance. Nitrile Rubber, as used in hydraulic hose, may not hold up and is not used on an IDI rig.
  • Trailers are foam insulated in walls, roof and floor.
  • For safety reasons, we do permanently mount equipment with gas engines inside a rig. Gas engines run hotter than diesel and should be placed outside for more ventilation.
  • Air compressors should have a proper air drying system in place to avoid moisture in the air system. Moisture that reaches the gun or pumps can cause unnecessary crystallization of Isocyanate. Moisture also carries debris, which is harmful to pump seals.
  • An oil coalescing filter is installed in the airline prior to entering a breathable air filtration panel. This increases service life of breathable air filters and reduces risk of respiratory ailments.
  • Desiccant style air dryers should not be used in conjunction with a breathable air filtration panel. The dry air that exits the desiccant system may be too dry and harmful to the applicator.
  • All wiring must be appropriately sized and terminated with appropriate breakers per commercial grade electrical code.
  • Rigs include class ABC fire extinguishers (one per room), 15-minute eyewash station, first aid kit, etc.
  • GVWR is appropriate to carry the equipment provided along with foam. For example, if the rig has dual 3 place barrel holders, the trailer must have a GVWR to handle 3 sets of foam in addition to other equipment. Tongue weight of trailer must not exceed that of receiver hitch weight class. See the chart below for more information.





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