Month: March 2017

Show Me the Payback on Energy Efficient Homes

Almost 40% of new homes constructed in 2016 had a HERS rating; according to RESNET, that totaled a record breaking 206,583 homes. HERS ratings and ERI scores are gaining popularity with consumers, and rightfully so. When purchasing a car, consumers consider such factors as their MPG (miles per gallon) stickers, reviews online, and more to […]

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DC315 Tips: Cold Weather & Year Round Intumescent Coating Best Practices

When installing intumescent coatings, it is crucial to spray them effectively and accurately. With the help of Paint to Protect, IDI put together this handy guide for ease of application along with some cold weather DC315 tips to get you through the winter months. DC315: Preparation & Usage Best Practice Tips DC315 is the most […]

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