Month: January 2021

Inspecting Used Spray Foam Equipment Before You Purchase

In our April blog, we warned about the hazards of buying used SPF / Spray Foam Insulation Equipment. But sometimes a deal really is too good to pass up. This blog talks about ways to inspect used equipment in order to make the best decision for your business. Knowing how to evaluate used equipment can […]

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The House Failed! Blaming the Insulator After Turning Down the Solution – Proof Top Plate Gaskets Fix Problems, Increase Margins, and Decrease Headaches

As municipalities adopt new codes, code officials are beginning to verify compliance. And in some cases, it has not gone well. One recent example is an apartment building in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Blower door tests were done on the first completed units. When the official reviewed the results, it showed a one-bedroom unit (less […]

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