IDI Is Your Trusted Metal Building Insulation Supplier

IDI is your metal building insulation supplier with the resources and information you need to make any metal building into an energy-efficient system. As a full-service laminator, IDI has a full menu of insulation choices for your metal building. This includes:

All of our salespeople are trained to help select the right insulation system for your metal building to meet energy codes and create well-insulated building envelopes.

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How To Insulate an Existing Metal Building

Still need some help determining what you need to optimize your metal building wall insulation system? IDI’s ultimate “How to” guide covers all the ins and outs of metal building insulation and the installation advantages of each system.

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Additional Accessories

At IDI, we have the resources you need to complete projects that keep customers coming back. Our metal building insulation accessories can add finishing touches and long-lasting durability to your metal building project. From insulated roof panels to ceiling fans, from insulation tape to laminated facings, find what you need to feel confident with the results you produce on the job site.

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Need help finding the right resource?

With hundreds of products and countless services, we get it—it can be a little intimidating. Find the right resource and best techniques for you and your business with guidance from the experts.

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