Episode 01

HFO Performance, Mandates & More: IDI Talks With Chemours Professionals

Today it’s all about the HFO. The next generation of blowing agent in spray foam is increasing yields and decreasing impact on the environment. But the rules on when and where HFO spray foam will be mandated are confusing at best. That’s why we’ve called on the HFO professionals.

Our guests today are Joyce Wallace and Ernie Wysong from Chemours, formerly DuPont Performance Chemicals. Chemours is a $6 billion dollar chemical company that is leading the world in innovation on a number of products that dominate a contractor’s life including spray foam.

Visit Opteon.com today to find out more about the transition to HFO blowing agents and how Chemours continues to set the standard on these products.

Don Clymer, Travis Pankake


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