Episode 07

Become an Efficiency Expert with Jeremiah Bryant, COO of Thrice Energy Solutions

How much do you know about the building you are insulating?

Join Travis Pankake, Aaron Franzen and Ryan Stewart as they discuss the inside and out of the inside of homes with Jeremiah Bryant, COO of Thrice Energy Solutions. Jeremiah comes from 4 generations of drywall experts and he uses that expertise to consult with clients of all kinds on the best solutions to keep their homes energy efficient and safe. If you’ve ever wondered about HERS ratings and raters and how you can educate clients properly on energy efficiency, this is the episode for you. PLUS! Jeremiah explains why he buys through distribution, how it keeps his costs fixed and helps him serve his clients better.

Thrice Energy Solutions is Oklahoma’s premier insulation and builder services contractor. Providing superior solutions for spray foam, fiberglass, and cellulose insulation as well as seamless rain gutters, fireplaces, house wrap, HERS Ratings, blower door testing, and more.

Aaron Franzen, Ryan Stewart, Travis Pankake


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