Episode 30

The New Big Holes & Air Leakage In Spray Foam Projects with Jamie Kaye of Elm Energy Group

When it comes to keeping moisture from destroying a home, it’s all in the details, and that’s what Jamie Kaye is focused on. Jamie’s a Building Science Practitioner and Healthy Home Professional at Elm Energy Group and he joins us today to discuss how to prevent moisture intrusion and increase energy efficiency at every step of the build process.

In this podcast…

1:38 – How Jamie became interested in the building science behind mold

3:41 – “The New Big Holes”

10:50 – “You can always improve even a great job.”

13:20 – The 3/4″ hole that ruined an entire set of stairs

15:40 – Yeti vs. Igloo: the small difference that makes a huge impact

17:30 – Can you ever build a house “too tight”?

22:20 – The top violations and places missed in a build


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