When you work with IDI you can expect not only the best products but a superior team to support your business. We’re here to support you with many years of industry knowledge to ensure you complete any commercial or residential insulation project. Caulk and Sealants are something you’ll need for every job, and we strive to supply our customers with the high-quality brands you need.

IDI proudly distributes BOSS® and Dap Sealants. Please reach out to your local IDI rep for a recommendation based on your specific application.


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BOSS® 357 Painters Latex Caulk

BOSS® 357 Painters Latex Caulk was developed for use around windows, door frames, baseboards or any joint or gap where a weather-tight seal is required and adheres well to wood, masonry, brick and plaster.

BOSS® 360 Sealant Siliconized Latex

BOSS® 360 Siliconized Latex Caulk is a mildew resistant, paintable, air seal and weatherization sealant formulated to provide long lasting, flexible, weatherproof seals between most common building materials including wood, masonry, concrete, brick, drywall, metal and glass.

BOSS® 363 50 Year Sealant Acrylic Latex with Silicone

BOSS® 363 Sealant Acrylic Latex Caulk with Silicone forms a tough, flexible resilient bond to all building material surfaces. It has excellent resistance to water, weathering and moisture vapor


ALEX™ Painter’s Caulk is an all-purpose acrylic latex. It adheres to wood, plaster, drywall and masonry. It’s paintable, resists cracking and chalking and has a 25-year durability guarantee.

DAP® RELY-ON® Latex Caulk

Economical latex for general caulking purposes. Adheres to wood, metal and masonry to keep out air, dust, and moisture. 7 Year Durability Guarantee.

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