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US GreenFiber Insulation

All GreenFiber Insulation is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee and meets or exceeds all federal regulation testing requirements. GreenFiber supplies a selection of products formulated to work best in your application. US GreenFiber is now available in all 50 states!

PREMIUM All Borate Loose Fill Insulation (INS770LD):
Tan Bag – specially designed for easy application in existing wall cavities

Loose Fill Insulation (INS510LD / INS760LD):
Black Bag / Light Blue, Generic retrofit material – can be used in attics or walls

Stabilized Insulation (INS500):
Green Bag, designed for New Construction home attics – applied with moisture

All Borate Stabilized WallSpray Insulation (INS735):
Dark Blue Bag, designed for New Construction homes walls – applied with moisture

Testing Requirements

  • Meets ASTM C-739 Standard Specification for Cellulosic Fiber Loose-fill Thermal Insulation: Surface Burning Characteristics
  • Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) certified at 85% recycled content – 30% Pre-consumer, 55% Post Consumer
  • Meets the amended CPSC Standard for flame resistance and corrosiveness of insulation
  • Class 1 building material determined by ASTM E 84 for flame spread and smoke developed indexes

Champion – Loose Fill Insulation

This fully warrantied product by Champion Insulation delivers some of the best coverage performance in the market. It promises to retard fire, resist heat loss, and retain all physical characteristics required to meet federal safety standards. Its low density makes it economical, easy to handle and blow, and creates less weight loading in the attic.

Available only in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Indiana.

Underwriters Laboratories Ratings

  • Critical Radiant Flux – Greater than or equal to 0.12 w/sq. cm
  • Smoldering Combustion – Less than or equal to 15%.
  • Corrosiveness – Acceptable
  • Fungi Resistance – Acceptable
  • Density – (settled) – 1.4 lbs/cu. ft
  • Thermal Resistance – 3.75 R/in. (at 4 in. thickness)
  • Odor Emission – Acceptable
  • Starch Content – Negative

Applegate Insulation

Classified Loose Fill Material

Classified in accordance with the following ASTM C739-86 Characteristics

  • Flammability Characteristics
    • Critical Radiant Flux – Greater than or equal to 0.12 w/cm sq.
    • Smoldering Combustion – Less than or equal to 15.0%
  • Environmental Characteristics
    • Corrosiveness -Fungi Acceptable
    • Resistance – Fungi Acceptable
  • Physical Characteristics
    • Density (Settled) – 1.45 pcf
    • Thermal Resistance – 3.85 R/in (at 4 in. thickness)
    • Moisture Absorption – Acceptable
    • Odor Emission – Acceptable
    • Starch Content – Acceptable


SOPRA-CELLULOSE AB is a thermal and acoustic cellulose insulation made of 85% recycled newspaper and used in interior and exterior walls, attics, floors, and ceilings. Efficient and environmentally friendly, SOPRA-CELLULOSE AB reduces energy consumption and improves indoor comfort in a variety of climates. Product is available in the United States only.

  • High thermal resistance with an R-value of 3.7 per inch
  • Superior flame resistance and superior acoustic properties
  • Product compliant with ASTM C739 standard, offering superior resistance to corrosion, moisture and the proliferation of mould and insect pests

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