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At IDI we work with you, by providing not only the best products but superior technical support and industry knowledge to help you complete any commercial or residential insulation project. Foam is an important step in your insulation work and we want to supply you with various options for high-quality brands and foam products. From canned insulation spray foam to Froth-Pak foam, IDI has the ideal foam choice for each step of your insulation work.


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2-Component Foam Systems

2-component foam systems are built for larger applications. At IDI we supply brands that meet quality standards at a reasonable price. Spray foam insulation creates an airtight seal and is used for different applications and projects depending on size and chemical makeup. Seal up any project with less overspray using IDI supplied 2-component foam systems.

  • 2-component foam systems store chemicals in separate containers. Once the chemicals hit the spray nozzle upon application, they mix to create a foam spray, creating less spray-off, and more control over your spray.
  • IDI offers Handi-Foam and Dow Froth-Pak 2-component foam spray brands, both high-quality and affordable, but with unique purposes and features. Find the right brand for your next project today!

Window & Door Canned Insulation Spray Foam

Window and door spray foam is crucial to sealing off residential and commercial insulation work. At IDI we only carry high-performing brands providing you with leading national products at competitive prices. We stock known foam brands like Fast Foam and Soudal, all available in various sizes with unique capabilities. Choose the right window and door foam with our help at IDI.

  • Prevent your doors and windows from bowing or warping with high-performance window and door canned insulation spray foam that keeps your hard work intact for years to come!
  • Lock in internal air conditioning or heating with window and door foam, creating an airtight, energy-efficient seal that will be sure to make for happy clients!

Gap & Crack/Fireblock Canned Insulation Spray Foam

Gap and crack spray foam add the ideal high-performance foam that will fit any nook and cranny, providing you with a job well done. No gap or crack is ever alike, so having an array of gap and crack spray foams at your disposal is important. IDI carries multiple different gap and crack canned insulation spray foam brands, each equipped with differing capabilities and uses. Fast Foam and Soudal are brands we trust to seal your insulation work up correctly!

  • Build to expand on application to fit and seal any gap or crack, this determined foam is capable of matching your hard work!
  • Sprays on colored, so building code officials can clearly see the airtight seal created by the gap and crack spray-on foam

Applicator Guns

Looking for the right applicator gun for your insulation work? Applicator guns differ based on the project and the froth spray insulation foam used. Made of different materials and varying in length, choosing the right applicator gun can feel daunting. Fortunately, IDI carries a variety of applicator guns, ranging in size, use, look, and feel! We’ll work with you to help you choose the right applicator gun for your insulation project so you can boost your profits with the ideal high-quality applicator gun and foam!

  • Top-quality and durable applicator guns are available in various barrel lengths with our two longest being 22” and 30”.
  • IDI carries a variety of styles ranging from all plastic to steel with a plastic handle and more. Reach out to us to learn which applicator gun is a good fit for your insulation contract work.

Foam Gun Cleaner

Gun cleaners are pivotal to maintaining applicator guns and using them for the long haul. Having a hard-working foam gun cleaner will boost your gun’s performance, enhance your sealing work and keep your applicator gun in tip-top shape. Gun cleaners are spray-on, multi-purpose cleaning solutions that work to dissolve uncured or fresh polyurethane foam and adhesive from applicator guns.

  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, and effective in clearing out unwanted foam and adhesive from applicator guns
  • IDI offers top-performing brands Handi-Foam and Soudal, both brands provide optimal cleanliness to the applicator guns at a price that won’t break your bank!

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