Metal building fabric liner systems have grown in popularity in the last several years as they maximize the use of the fiberglass insulation. Compared to other forms of insulation, fiberglass is the lowest cost per R-value. With a metal building liner system, the purlin and or girt cavity is filled, allowing the maximum amount of fiberglass to be installed while helping to reduce thermal bridging at the purlins and the girts.    

Liner Systems For Your Metal Building

Contractors and building owners select an MBI safety liner system for several reasons. Most notably, a liner system:  

  • Meets energy code requirements
  • Supports a superior insulation system
  • Creates an approved “air barrier”
  • Results in an attractive finish
  • Provides leadingedge fall protection during construction.

Benefits Of Using Metal Building Roof Insulation Liner Systems

The major advantages of a Liner System (Simple Saver) over other fiberglass systems are: 

  • Thermal Design Simple Saver reduces thermal bridging
  • Simple Saver installation completely fills the purling cavity
  • Simple Saver can easily be installed around sag angles or purlin channel bracing
  • Simple Saver systems and MB Safety Liner provide leading-edge fall protection during installation. 

Our Process For Simple Saver Installation

Installing a Simple Saver system can be difficult the first time, but if you follow directions closely, it becomes an easy and repeatable task.  

What IDI Has To Offer

IDI offers three different metal building liner systems. Each system uses metal building fiberglass insulation and will achieve the same installed U-values.  

The difference is with the fabric itself. We define the three choices as Good, Better, and Best.

  • Good: Energy Craft is an excellent liner system. However, it does not provide leadingedge fall protection.  
  • Better: MB Safety liner. This is a lowcost solution that provides adequate fall protection.
  • Best: Simple Saver. This is the original liner system and still the best in the market as it provides a superior finish and leading fall protection.  

Common Questions About Metal Building Liner Systems

I have heard that Simple Saver is not simple to install. Is this correct? 

  • Many people have said this for years. It’s easy if you follow the directions for installing new Simple Saver insulation. If you do not follow the directions, it can be very difficult.  

My building has purlin channel bracing or sag bracing. Can I use Simple Saver insulation?  

  • Yes, in fact, a liner system will work better than any other filled cavity system when there is bracing within the purlin cavity. Flange bracing can be a little bit of a challenge, but we do have methods on how to fit in flange bracing. Building designers can also make accommodation for the flange brace attachment. 

Can I use Simple Saver on the walls?  

  • Yes! Simple Saver, MB Safety Liner, and Energy Craft are quickly becoming the preferred way to insulate metal building walls.  


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