Simplify your disinfectant routine and stop the spread of viruses with virucidal disinfectant accessories from IDI. These products will give you the confidence you need to reopen your business and avoid any further interruptions. 


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Fiberlock Shockwave RTU

This hospital-grade virucide disinfectant cleaner is included on the EPA List N Disinfectants for its use against the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and is approved for use in educational facilities, healthcare, public transportation, food and beverage, hospitality, retail, manufacturing and more. Produced by Fiberlock, Shockwave can be used on a wide variety of surfaces as a sanitizer, cleaner and disinfectant. Its accommodating formula is ready for use with no need for mixing. 

Restore your facilities, workplaces or home with a disinfectant that fights the spread of outbreaks while killing mold, deodorizing spaces and restoring water damage. Fiberlock Shockwave RTU is registered to combat over 120 organisms, including 32 viruses. 

Graco Sanispray HP Disinfectant Sprayers


Make the disinfection process easier with high production, manageable and economical airless sprayers from Graco. Compatible with Fiberlock Shockwave RTU disinfectant sanitizer virucide, Graco SaniSpray HP Disinfectant Sprayers meet dwell times with edge-to-edge, consistent surface coverage. With many ready-to-use models to choose from, from portable handheld solutions to larger equipment capable of 2-gun simultaneous spraying, this equipment is built with the highest grade materials to deliver reliable operation and make ongoing disinfection protocols simple. 

SaniSpray HP 20 Handheld Sprayer

Finish small jobs fast with Graco’s SaniSpray HP 20 handheld sprayer. With adjustable flow control and a full range of coverage, this high-yielding product can spray up to 20 ounces of sanitizer per minute. Extend your spray between refills with a sprayer you can rely on.

  • Corded and cordless options available 
  • Uses 15 gallons of sanitizer or less per week
  • Spray in any direction
  • SaniSpray HP 20 Cordless includes a brushless DC motor and 2 DeWalt 20V lithium-ion batteries and charger

SaniSpray HP 65 Portable Hopper Sprayer

Spray anywhere with Graco’s SaniSpray HP 65 portable hopper sprayer. This lightweight SaniSpray gun features a 300ft hose extension, allowing the user to reach small cracks and crevasses that could be housing harmful mold or bacteria.

  • Carry the sprayer and material together. Its custom lid prevents splashes and spills when transporting 
  • Uses 50 gallons of sanitizer or less per week
  • Features extended spray time and self-contained portability
  • 3 times faster than SaniSpray HP 20

SaniSpray HP 130 2-Gun Cart Sprayer

The SaniSpray HP 130 2-gun cart sprayer is the highest production airless disinfectant sprayer available on the market. With simultaneous dual gun performance, this product disinfects large areas in record time. 

  • Extended spraying without refills
  • Uses 100 gallons of sanitizer or less, per week
  • 300ft of extension hose to spray anywhere2X faster than SaniSpray HP 65


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