Standard Laminated Systems For Your Metal Building

Standard laminated insulation is still the #1 product provided by the IDI MBI group. By having the choice of 11 different facings, IDI can help you select the right insulation thickness and facing for any project.   

Benefits Of Using Laminated Insulation on a Metal Building

Some of the benefits of standard laminated metal building insulation are: 

  • Superior perm rating from our facings
  • Air Barrier requirements can be met with proper installation
  • Use of NAIMA 202-96 fiberglass 
  • ASTM E-84 fire rating
  • Cut to length to save installation time 

Common Questions About Standard Laminated Metal Building Insulation

With higher energy code requirements, does standard laminated metal building insulation still have a place in the market? 

  • Yes, it does. With a long-tab banded roof and wall system, the first layer is still laminated. Also, energy code trade-off methods allow for single-layer systems in many markets.  

What are some of the standard R-Value and widths that IDI provides?

  • The standard widths are: 3’, 4’,5’, and 6’ but IDI can cut the material to almost any width.  
  • The standard R-values are: R-10, R-11, R-13, R-16, R-19, R-25 and R-30.  

What is the standard roll length for the insulation?  

  • There is no standard length of a roll. IDI customizes each roll to the specific length needed for each project.   


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