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Hammer Tackers & Insulation Staples

H30-6 Insulation Stapler

STCR 2619 1/4″ generic staples
STCR 2619 5/16” generic staples
STCR 2619 3/8” generic staples

H30-8 Insulation Stapler

STCR 5019 1/4” generic staples
STCR 5019 5/16” generic staples
STCR 5019 3/8” generic staples


HT550 Insulation Stapler

508 1/4” generic staples
5010 5/16” generic staples


R-19 Insulation Stapler

A-19 1/4” generic staples*
*Fits R-19 gun only


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Pneumatic Insulation Staplers

Brands available:

  • Fasco
  • B&C Eagle

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Ramset® I-F Continuous-Insulation Fastening System


A Safer Installation Process . . .

Don’t risk injury with stick-pin solutions, the Ramset-I-F solution does not require installers to push insulation onto the sharp nail points of a pin.

Unlike powder-based solutions, the Ramset-I-F solution does not impact the installer’s wrist, elbow, and shoulder with the same amount of “kick-back force.” It also does not generate job-site debris in the form of used load casings.

Contrary to screw-and-plate solutions, which expose installers’ wrists and elbows to the rotational piece of the installation driver, the Ramset-I-F solution installs with a straight-push-down force.

Improved Performance of Installed Insulation . . .

Stick-pin or screw-and-plate solutions interrupt insulation by impaling it with a piece of metal and creating a thermal bridge, but the Ramset-I-F solution installs an air gap between the building substrate and the un-insulated environment.

An Efficient Installation Process . . .

The Ramset-I-F solution installs insulation fasteners in a single step completed in just seconds. This simplicity can cut labor time in half or more.

The Ramset-I-F solution does not require installer licensing or reloading of the charge after every fastener.

Unlike screw-and-plate solutions, the Ramset-I-F solution does not require drilling and tapping time. Instead, each fastener installs in seconds with the pull of a trigger.

Ramset is a registered trademark of Illinois Tool Works Corporation. All rights are reserved in the United States and in other countries.


Hangers are convenient for installing all types of insulation, particularly dense products such as high-density fiberglass, styrene, urethane, and cork, as well as coated fiberglass.

*Also available with 90° offset or peel and press pre-adhesive base.

Tuff Bond®

This versatile hanger adhesive will hold tight from 30-250° F. One gallon can install between 500-800 adhesive anchors.

*Not available in California

BOSS® 180 Multi-Seal

A one-component, moisture-curing adhesive formulated with USP™ Technology for sticking anchor pins to rigid boards, fibrous semi-rigid board, masonry walls, ducts, metal buildings, painted and galvanized surfaces. BOSS® 180 Multi-Seal® has immediate grab and high bond strength, allowing insulation to be hung in 24 hours. Check an anchor pin before hanging insulation to be sure it is secure. Cure times will vary with humidity. BOSS® 180 Multi-Seal® forms a strong bond even on damp surfaces.

13 Guage Tension Wire

Used for insulation batt support. Cut for 12″ to 24″ on center joists.

Blown-In Netting

Used to support insulation under floor, overhead in vaulted ceilings or tuck-under garages.

  • 1/6” net for Sidewall
  • 1/4” net for Ceiling or Sidewall
  • 1” or 2” net for Batt Support
  • 8’ netting has been C-folded onto 4’ cardboard tubes for your convenience

The 1/6” and 1/4” nettings listed above are the original B.I.B.’s nettings.

Blown-In Fabric

High-strength fabric supports blown-in insulation in any wall, ceiling or floor joist application, keeping down dust for a cleaner application.

  • Multiple width and length options, folded or unfolded material and sold by the roll
  • Brands include Owens Corning Propink Complete, Hanes Engineered Material’s Insuloc™ & Insulweb®, and Precision Convertors Insulguard ECO-Builder & Insulguard HD

Grip-Lok® MW Plate

The versatile and permanent mineral wool attachment you’ve been looking for. Make installing mineral wool faster and more secure on all of your projects to save time and materials. Simply shoot, screw or nail it to any substrate, with the appropriate fastener or tool. Contact your local team for bulk orders and other information.

  • Secures up to 5” of mineral wool
  • Works on wood, steel, masonry & more
  • Galvanized to prevent corrosion
  • Provides permanent attachment
  • Alternative to temporary stickpins

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