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As an insulation contractor, we know your tools and equipment are your top priority, at IDI we have a wide variety of trusted products to provide you with the right tool for the job. We are your source for product and practice knowledge and only work with trusted suppliers to source your supplies needs. When it comes to tape and adhesive we have a variety of high quality, durable products ranging in size, price, and use. Browse our selection and see which tape/adhesive will fit your specific needs!


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Kraft Paper Tape

Looking for a durable paper tape that can handle high wear and tear? At IDI we supply you with only the highest quality brands of kraft paper tape ready to assist you in your next insulation project. Kraft paper tape creates an excellent bond and is the perfect utility tape for any project.

  • Choose from two high-performance brands: 3M or Echo kraft paper tape, IDI’s trusts both to get the job done right!
  • Durable and moisture resistant kraft paper tape works to minimize sealing failures

Foil Tape

IDI carries high tack adhesive, durable foil tape ready to aid you in your next project. Foil tape is made of aluminum and in a thin flexible manner, based on its resistance to weather, it makes the optimal wrap for insulation cables. This water-resistant tape provides optimal conformity for insulation sealing and foil face sealing. IDI carries two high-quality brands of foil tape in various sizes ready to help get secure your insulation job from the weather elements ahead!

  • IDI carries high-quality Venture and Echo foil tape brands, call now for sizes and pricing!
  • Adaptable to easily fit both fibrous duct boards and sheet metal ducts with flat or irregular surfaces.

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Foil Skrim Kraft Tape

IDI offers Foil Scrim Kraft (FSK) tape from high quality manufactures. For your commercial or residential insulation projects where FSK facing was used or patching of FSK-faced duct wrap insulation is required our FSK tape is your best choice. When you want to put a durable final touch on your insulation work look no further than IDI’s selection of Foil Scrim Kraft tape.

  • Two trusted brands: Venture & Echo, available in various prices and sizes.
  • Specifically used for FSK insulation projects the tape is made both flexible and water resistant to keep your projects in excellent shape

Polypropylene Scrim Kraft Tape

Polypropylene Scrim Kraft (PSK) tape is a durable tape used for many different insulation sealing processes. PSK tape is mainly used for sealing seams and patching of PSK faced metal building insulation and any other insulation project where PSK facing was used. Looking for the best tape to fit your Polypropylene insulation project? IDI offers two brands to fit your PSK needs: Venture Tape and Echo, reach out to us to see pricing and size-range details.

  • IDI offers PSK tape made to match white Polypropylene insulation project that you may face!
  • High-performance adhesive with an ideal stick to polypropylene insulation.

Polyethylene Tape

Polyethylene tape is an insulation gem with many uses and capable of sealing the residential or commercial insulation project you’re going to take on next. This tape is made of a polyethylene backing and a rubber adhesive which makes it an excellent choice for an insulation project that may face some wear and tear. It’s chemical, cold, and water resistant qualities make for a secure, tight seal and/or patching tape.

  • This high-performance tape is strong and durable latching on for a consistent seal meant to last.
  • Polyethylene tape is flexible and has the ability to stretch adding more durability to the insulation sealing, contact IDI for size and pricing details

Joint Sealing/Air Barrier Tape

Joint Sealing/Air barrier tape is an important aspect of all commercial and residential insulation work. Add the finishing touch to your project with Joint sealing/air barrier tape, it’s environmentally friends and cost-efficient, ensuring your clients will be satisfied by your fortified insulation work. Air-sealing an insulation project helps to further reduce energy costs because the building loses less air through its insulation or seals.

  • Choose the right joint sealing/air barrier tape with IDI’s Venture Tape or Echo brand options. Let IDI be your insulation supplier and call to see which tape is right for your insulation work.
  • See the difference adding Joint Sealing/Air Barrier tape can make, with various uses and applications this tape can increase profitability in more ways than one, call for pricing options today!

Duct Tape

Good ole’ Duct tape equipt for a variety of uses, find the best stock and best brands at IDI to finish your commercial or residential insulation contract work. Duct Tape is built with extra tacky and natural rubber adhesive that latches onto just about anything. IDI carries Nashua brand duct tape in a variety of sizes and prices, call today to see which duct tape fits your insulation project.

  • IDI carries varying grades of Nashua brand duct tape, from utility grade sealing and bonding to premium grade waterproof.
  • High-quality duct tape can sometimes be hard to find, IDI only carries trusted brands to ensure our clients only work with the best materials.

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3M Super 77 and High Tack 90 Spray Adhesive

The Super 77 adhesive allows up to ten minutes to make a bond. Two actuators: one for standard pattern and one for wide spray pattern. The 90 high strength adhesive is formulated for strength and quick set up. Sprays right where you want it, no missing. Strong bonding for insulation, foam, and poly.

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