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Fusion ProConnect

When the Fusion ProConnect hit the market, it looked and sounded pretty cool. Doesn’t everything? It was the newest gadget, the updated version, the next big thing. Graco claimed it would have fewer problems, fewer replacement parts to buy, and be easy to change. The cartridge is definitely user-friendly and was designed to get you […]

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Do I Have To Remove The Old Insulation When I Spray Foam My Attic?

I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked that question over the years. Whether you call it a conditioned attic, a spray foamed attic, a closed attic assembly, or spray foaming a roof deck, the short answer is yes. I would do it 100% of the time, and I believe there are […]

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Easy T1 Pump Fix

If you own a Graco T1 pump or an IPM IP02, there will come a time when you reattach the air line to the pump and it still sounds like it’s out of material, even when it’s a full drum. The reason is that the air motor is only connected to the piston by a […]

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