The complete insulation solution.

Ventilation is an essential part of installing insulation, and with IDI, you’ll get the comprehensive selection of products to help make your job easier. As the top wholesale insulation venting product distributors, we’ve got the superior quality products you need, at the prices you want.

Oh Shutes

IDI’s Oh Shutes are card-board ventilation chutes, waxed on one side, help keep air flowing up and out through roof vents, protecting insulation and walls from moisture. They measure 17 ½” x 50” or 24”x 50” and come unfolded. 600 pcs per pallet.

Oh Shutes also offers a die cut chute with built-in stop, uncoated or with heavy wax coating (for 24” framing only).

Extruded Foam Vent Chutes Raft-R Mates

Extruded foam vent chutes designed for 24” O.C. framing. Tough extruded foam will not crush or shatter like expanded foam (white) vents. Scored center support allows for easy snapping into 2, 11 ¼” chutes for different framing applications. Foam chutes maintain needed airflow from soffit to attic assuring insulation efficiency. Available in 4’ and 6’ lengths.

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