3 Ways Wholesale Spray Foam Insulation Kits Improve Your Bottom Line

Commercial Wholesale Spray Foam Insulation Kits Help You Meet Quality Standards While Staying On Budget And On Time

A disposable commercial spray foam insulation kit is one of the most versatile (and important) products for commercial and residential insulation projects.

They help contractors and construction business owners do their work faster, safer and better for three main reasons:


High-pressure rigs may be your first choice over a wholesale spray foam insulation kit because they offer a low cost per board foot, but that doesn’t mean your projects won’t need a reliable backup. If the job isn’t substantial enough to cover the expense of sending a rig for a half-day, you’re likely wasting valuable resources. Plus, what’s your plan for dreaded rig malfunctions that could cause you to stop working altogether?

For projects of different sizes, unexpected rig breakdowns and other on-the-job issues, commercial or wholesale spray foam insulation kits could be your saving grace. These kits will ensure your projects stay on time and on budget.

Foam kits are an easy-to-use option you can count on for high-quality insulation when you need to:

  • Finish air sealing touch-ups
  • Fix last-minute SPF repairs
  • Work on smaller insulation projects or half-day jobs
  • Insulate hard-to-reach areas
  • Find a backup for a broken rig


Foam kits have come a long way in the past few years, including the various ways they can be used to assist with contract insulation work. Disposable spray foam kits now come with upgraded chemicals for a better mix and improved guns (and tips) for increased spray accuracy. At IDI Distributors, our industry experts have chosen the best spray foam insulation kits, ones they use themselves to supply at wholesale prices to our contractors.

Our IDI wholesale spray foam insulation kits offer:

  • More precise tips and guns spray for increased accuracy
  • Improved formula for a better mix and high-quality spray foam insulation
  • More foam production & longer lasting storage (when stored properly)
  • Support and training courses that teach your crews proper spray and storage techniques
  • Color-changing tips — Handi-Foam color-changing gun tips let your team know when it’s too cold to spray before they waste time and spray too much underperforming foam.


Knowing how to get the most foam out of your wholesale spray foam insulation kits is half the battle when it comes to getting your investment’s worth. Training your crew is the other half. Inexperienced members could put a dent in your budget by not understanding how to properly spray and store your disposable kits.

Effectively preparing & spraying foam kits — Ensure your crew doesn’t waste product by spraying too much or spraying ineffective foam. Make sure your crew knows what they’re doing with your equipment on your projects by teaching them how to properly prepare a spray foam kit for safe, accurate and quality spray foam.

See our experts demonstrate how to use Handi-Foam Kits in action — watch the video!

Effectively storing your spray foam kits — This helps you use all of the foam in the kit, instead of wasting a half-used kit (and your investment) by throwing it away after just one job. At IDI, our experts have used disposable spray foam insulation kits over the course of six months and produced quality foam every time.

When you’re done spraying and ready to store, follow these storage steps:

  1. Leave expended tip (full of foam) on the gun
  2. Set the safety
  3. Close down the cylinders (This helps you avoid adding air or draining pressure.)

Note: If you’re going to let it sit for longer than 2 weeks, don’t leave the ISO inside the hose as it will crystallize inside it.

Instead follow these steps:

  1. Pull the tip off
  2. Use a disposable bin to spray out foam until you have a good spray and tack-free foam
  3. Put the expended tip back on
  4. Store for up to 30 days

Interested in a kit? Try Handi-Foam Quick Cure!

Handi-Foam offers one of the best spray foam insulation kits on the market for numerous reasons. For example, their tips were designed to change color at different temperatures. Their gun tips also let your team know when it’s too cold to spray before they waste time and materials spraying underperforming foam.

Handi-Foam Kits Include:

  • Low-pressure foams
  • 205 board foot kit
  • Ready-to-use gun hoses
  • Color-changing spray tips
  • Replacement tips
  • Petroleum jelly

From prep to spray, storing and temperature concerns, learn how to get the most quality foam out of your kits by watching our how-to video. And don’t forget to train your crew on how to effectively use disposable spray foam insulation kits. You’ll be happy you did!

Our goal at IDI is to earn and keep your business by offering profitable growth opportunities via valuable knowledge transfer and reliable insulation product offerings. If you have any other questions on foam kits, or want to try one today, please reach out to us or contact your local IDI Distributors branch manager.


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