Avoid Losing Money with BIDIT

The other day a contractor and I were talking about money he lost on a job. I asked what happened and he told me a customer took advantage of him. They blamed him for not adding work they claimed, was part of the original scope of work.

When I asked what was in his contract with the customer, he replied “we don’t do many written contracts where I’m from. Most of our work is from verbal quotes.”

Right away I asked if he used a software or bidding program, but he did not. Knowing this was a major contributor to his problem, I showed him how BIDIT could have prevented this, while making it easier to grow his business. BIDIT, is a bidding software developed by IDI for insulation contractors. Not only would BIDIT have helped him avoid this problem, but it would even give him the ability to build a quote from his phone, computer, or tablet, that would include scope of work, acceptance agreement, and terms and conditions. Once the quote is built, he could text or email the bid in real time allowing a quick and professional quoting experience for the customer. Curious to see this all in action? Check all these great features out on our latest BIDIT Video.

Everyone wants to avoid losing money or profit, but it can easily happen when quoting customers on the fly. The more things that happen in a day, the more you need better ways to manage your jobs. That’s why software built specifically for insulation contractors make life easier. BIDIT’s profit driven software is a game changer for many insulation companies, and enables them to grow their business better than ever before. If you’d like more information on how BIDIT can help your company, reach out to your local rep or go to https://www.idi-insulation.com/bidit/ and let our software team help you gain control of your projects today.


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