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Update: 12/11/2023

New Features Included in This Update:

  • Automated Quote Contract Responses – Contacts will now be able to “Accept” or “Reject” quotes. BIDIT’s historical tracking will then save the response within BIDIT as well as notify the assigned salesperson via email
  • Personal Document Library – BIDIT’s internal document library allows you to upload and attach PDFs to the quote contract
  • Taxes Now Included – Add tax on quotes across any cost combination, while having the power to enter a specific tax percentage
  • Editable Job Names – You can now edit the project name after the quote has been converted to a job
  • Customizable Template Options – BIDIT’s custom template options allows you to customize your quotes and change order contracts with your desired color coding and logo placement
  • Efficiently View Quote Send Selections – Color coded display to show whether a contact is set to receive the email or not
  • Enhanced Job Cost Report – This report now includes the overall bid total so you can understand what the true end numbers are after your material and labor has been entered
  • BIDIT’s Silent Mode – Salesperson role now has the option to turn off lead notifications
  • Optimized Quote Contract View – The Quote/Job ID is now only visible when logged into BIDIT and in the quote or job screen
  • Expanded Change Order Options – “Show Square Footage”, “Show Item Pricing” and “Show Tax” are now options to select on change order contracts
  • Clean Up Of Pending Change Orders – There is now an option to delete any pending change orders that are no longer needed
  • AeroBarrier Now In BIDIT – AeroBarrier is now included as an item category and quote line item within BIDIT, allowing you the option to fully estimate AeroBarrier requests


Update: 5/22/2023

New Features Included in This Update:

  • Optimized Quote Contract Notes – This text field is now in the quote details page for easy navigation to enter quote specific notes. You will also be able to enter them when you click the “Print to PDF” or “Email send” options.
  • Quote Contract Estimated Start Date Remover – When an estimated start date is not entered, this field will now be auto-removed from the quote contract to avoid confusion.
  • Customizable Quote Line Items – Allows you to customize quotes for very specific customer needs while on the fly.
  • Quote “Email Send” Updates – When using the “quote send” feature within BIDIT, you now have the ability to track the status and delivery of those quote emails, as well as the option to copy the BIDIT salesperson on that email.
  • Post-Quote Address Editing – You can now update the Customer Address and Jobsite Address after the Quote has been converted to a Job. This will allow for convenient changes if the address was entered incorrectly or not known at the time of the quote.
  • Job Status Correction – Corrected an error where jobs were getting removed from the active status before all work orders were completed.
  • Job Cost Report Expansion – Additional search filters such as auto type and date range have been added to Job Cost reports in addition to a dropdown feature of your Customer Names.
  • Field Tech Role Correction – Corrected an error with this role so pricing info is no longer visible.
  • Streamlined Customer Setup – It is required to assign a salesperson when creating a customer. This now allows that assigned salesperson to auto populate in the Sales field when that customer has a quote generated, which will help avoid dual entry.
  • Work Order Expanded Search Options – Added date range filtering to better search for relevant Work Orders.
  • Automated Work Order Organizer – When creating work orders, we will now include a checkmark next to work orders that already have been scheduled. This visual aid is intended to assist on larger jobs with several work orders to better highlight what still needs to be scheduled. BIDIT will continue to allow the ability to create multiple work orders.
  • Master Customer Quote and Contact Report – ‘Select All’ option has been added in the customer dropdown list to export ALL your customers and contacts in one report.
  • Customer Import Workflow Correction – Corrected an error with the Address and Contact fields, so you’re now notified of the errors and have the ability to fix them before importing the customer data.
  • Dashboard Summary Correction – Corrected an error with the quote section not updating based on the status boxes. Additional search filters have also been added to this Summary.
  • Master Material and Pricing List Export – Now able to export the material and pricing list from the Quote Item screen.
  • Organized Business Management Page – We have removed the color picker from this setup screen as it was an obsolete feature.


Update: 12/19/2022

New Features Included in This Update:

  • Bilingual – No more need for Google translate! BIDIT now allows you to set your default language to either English or Spanish
  • Labor Hours – Get the best of both worlds! Enter your crew member’s hourly rate OR piece rate and it will calculate the other that was not entered
  • Work Order Schedule Flexibility – When generating work orders that span multiple days, you now have the option to either Exclude or Include weekends depending on when the crew will be working
  • Change Order Notes – Ability to now add custom notes that will print on the Change Order for your customer to view
  • Attaching Accessories – Select multiple accessories and you can add them all at once. It will also show you which accessories you already have attached to an area
  • Edit Quote Templates – Easily edit your quote template names after you have created the template


Update: 8/1/2022

New Features Included in This Update:

  • Customer Import – Import your existing customer lists
  • Customer Specific Margins – You can now set a margin % for specific customers that will automatically default as the quote margin
  • Estimated Start Date Flexibility – Estimated start date is no longer a required field on a quote and can be entered after the quote contract has been sent to the customer
  • Enterprise Level Customer Contacts – You now have the ability to alter who a customer’s primary contact is
  • Custom Accessories On The Fly – Enter custom accessories for each quote line item while out in the field
  • Expanded Calendar Details – Project Name and Project Address are now available on the calendar work order view to make the calendar more detailed
  • Calendar Color Coding – When editing a work order from your calendar, you now have the option to change the color coding on the calendar view to fit your organizational preferences
  • Custom Appointments – Add custom appointments to your calendar for better tracking of all schedules relating to a project
  • Delete Work Orders – Don’t need a work order anymore? Hit the delete button when editing a work order to remove it


Update: 4/5/2022

New Features Included in This Update:

  • Stress-free Material Purchasing – Ability to forward all items needed for a project to your IDI sales rep or supplier
  • Mobile Friendly – Job costing functionality is now available on the mobile site
  • Comprehensive Record Keeping – Cancel jobs and document reasoning
  • Optimized Quote Generation – Alternate line items now populate the square footage automatically from the primary line item
  • Real-time Lead Follow-Ups – Automatic email to sales representative when a lead is generated
  • Detailed Quoting – Quote templates will automatically transfer over all information
  • Lead Reminders – Automatic email reminder can be generated to ensure lead follow-ups
  • Full-scale Job Management – Ability to assign quotes and leads to sales employees not utilizing BIDIT
  • A Team Player – Multiple people can be assigned to a quote or job
  • Enhanced Work Order Reports – Now allows a detailed report of labor hours and material usage
  • Improved Quote Contract Reports – New professional appearance and contact information field

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