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Shortages Open The Doors To Alternatives… And Upgrades

Material shortages are affecting every insulation contractor. Has the time come to consider installing products that are more readily available? One thing that does seem to be more obtainable is blown-in fiberglass. Blown fiberglass is tremendous because of its performance and versatility.  A great advantage about blowing fiberglass in floors and walls is that you […]

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When it Comes to Equipment, Fiberglass and Cellulose Are Not the Same

While we may use the same machines for blowing fiberglass and cellulose insulation, few installers realize these two materials actually require different machine settings and maintenance. As someone who has problem-solved blowing equipment issues for over 20 years, I wanted to share the main differences between blowing fiberglass and cellulose. Believe me, they’re not the […]

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When You Can’t Breathe…

Has a sprayer ever said to you, “I’m not dragging that hose around!” 0r “I hate those things,” or “I don’t care,” when you’re asking them to wear fresh air on a job site? What about a sprayer who wears a mask but refuses to shave, or won’t use supplied air when spraying inside a […]

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