Commercial Construction Training Event Recap

Last week IDI launched our first Commercial Construction Training Event in Washington DC.  The event featured presentations on:

  • Changing Building Codes & The Building Envelope
  • Commercial Retrofits & Building Performance
  • Getting Into & Installing High/Low Pressure Foams
  • Fire Stopping.

Everyone in construction is well aware of the changes in our building codes. Buildings are more complex, energy is becoming controlled globally and new opportunities are being created. In new commercial construction, the building envelope is more important than ever! Building envelope committees are growing in every major city and developers are looking for companies that understand the new products and assemblies that provide the performance and longevity they are looking for.

The average commercial building in the united states is over 42 years old. Existing buildings may have been well built years ago, but seals, bearings, bushings, hinges, and hundreds of other things wear out. In addition, IT, electricians, telecom companies and maintenance workers drill holes and create damage throughout the building. Thousands of businesses face the problem of degrading buildings, equipment failure, excessive utility costs, and employee comfort/retention issues when dealing with these structures. As tenants change and new ones move in, their needs are different and so are their expectations of the spaces they will consider.

The truth is, our aging buildings are getting renovated every day. It may be a new tenant moving in, or an existing one tired of dealing with challenges they have been forced to create Band-Aids for over the years. Very few contractors are qualified or even understand the challenges and equipment required to turn these structures into healthy productive spaces. But for those that do, there is money to be made.
Commercial Construction Training

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