Don’t Throw Away That Mixing Chamber.

Mixing chambers can last forever… okay that’s a stretch, but the truth is too many get thrown away when new life can be given to them. As a spray foam tech, I always recommend keeping spare parts for your foam gun (new chambers, new seals, new o-rings, etc.) and resurfacing your mixing chambers. Through trial and error, and a whole lot of money, I learned that these pieces were necessary to keep in stock but I didn’t have to throw them away each time they had a small imperfection. Check out this video to see whether your parts are worth putting back to work, and, if they are, how to make them awesome again.

Don’t Take Any Shortcuts When It Comes To Mixing Chambers

Don’t fall into the trap of buying poor quality either. Good mixing chambers are expensive, whether you’re buying a Graco mixing chamber or an off-brand, that’s why getting everything out of them is so important. Resurfacing good mixing chambers is so much better than buying aftermarket parts that don’t last. By watching our new YouTube video, you can learn how the experts at IDI repurpose their mixing chambers by simply using sandpaper. 

Grow Your Business With Help From The Insulation Experts

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