Easy T1 Pump Fix

If you own a Graco T1 pump or an IPM IP02, there will come a time when you reattach the air line to the pump and it still sounds like it’s out of material, even when it’s a full drum. The reason is that the air motor is only connected to the piston by a simple neck and ball assembly. When the ball at the top of the pump shaft bounces out of place, the air motor will hammer up and down as soon as the air gets reconnected. Watch the video here to see the quick and simple fix.

The best way to prevent the ball from dislodging from the neck is to make sure you don’t run out of material.  Know the level of material in your drums before, during, and after application. Since all of the other T-series pumps (Graco T2, T3, T4, and IPM OP232C pumps) have an air motor that connects to the piston shaft with a pin, they will not have the same problem. There’s certainly nothing wrong with using T1 pumps. In fact, at lower volumes, they work great. That said, if you want to upgrade, just reach out to your local branch and we will get you hooked up. Our goal is to make your job easier and keep you making money. Keep checking out our YouTube channel and reach out for more information or if you have suggestions for future tech tips. Stay safe out there and happy spraying!


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