Fusion ProConnect

When the Fusion ProConnect hit the market, it looked and sounded pretty cool. Doesn’t everything? It was the newest gadget, the updated version, the next big thing. Graco claimed it would have fewer problems, fewer replacement parts to buy, and be easy to change. The cartridge is definitely user-friendly and was designed to get you through about 10 sets of foam.

In the time since the ProConnect was launched, lots of IDI spray foam contractors have tried the product and given great reviews. As for the number of sets they got out of a cartridge, most are reporting getting far more than 10 sets. In fact, one reported 130 sets out of a cartridge they started using in January 2021. Others talk about how they love that they rarely spend more than 10 minutes cleaning a gun on site.

Another big consideration is the improved mixing chamber and the Chromex coating that makes it 10x more durable. That alone should make getting the conversion kits worth the cost of changing over. Check out this video to learn more. While they don’t solve every issue, and they are not bulletproof, these kits certainly eliminate some of the gun cleaning woes and jobsite downtime.
Gun repair and cleaning can be one of the most expensive and frustrating things in the business. Simple mistakes while cleaning and replacing parts can cause one failure after another. Things like pulling a part out of a fluid head, touching one chemical, then using the same gloves/fingers to remove parts on the other side, causing chemicals to mix and contaminate the inside of the gun. Someone may pull a part out and lay the gun on its side and allow fluid to run into the other side. The new ProConnect system prevents a lot of this. Not to mention companies that may have three or more guns on a rig due to downtime. You see buckets and crock pots overflowing with spare parts and pieces, where they pour thousands of dollars into their spray guns on an annual basis. For customers who use their equipment a few times every week, they can purchase a conversion kit and mixing chamber, plug it onto their system, and have great success. I also believe that even after the initial cost to upgrade, along with reduced downtime, contractors will see savings of $2-5k per year. Call it bold, but it could be gold.

One word of caution should be pointed out. The ProConnect does not do well when you are trying to push bad material through it. Systems that set a while and are not purged, can send crystalized or junky stuff into a brand new cartridge rendering it useless. Not seating the cartridge properly can cause other issues. For more information on this, you can watch the video here or reach out to your local spray foam tech to learn more.

In closing, it’s worth the investment and it can help keep you from pulling hair out over downtime. For more information, or to get a Fusion ProConnect conversion kit today, call your local IDI representative. If you have other questions on this or anything to do with installing spray foam insulation, contact our regional SPF Tech Service Rep or any of us on the IDI team.

Happy spraying!


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