General Contractor and Insulation Installer Tips: Working Smarter

Smarter. Faster. More Efficient. Cost Effective. These phrases are music to the ears of managers, owners, and contractors in the construction industry. More than that, in an industry that is so rapidly growing, they are an absolute necessity to stay relevant and competitive. And it is growing—we’re seeing increased growth in both residential and commercial sectors, and projects are getting bigger and more complex.

general contractor and insulation installation tips

October 2016 saw huge month over month and year over year growth, largely due to the strength of multifamily units, and that trend is projected to continue into the first half of 2017.

Despite this massive growth, companies are being slowed down by a critical factor that’s been plaguing the industry since the recession: lack of suitably trained skilled personnel. Many workers that left the industry or were laid off never returned, and companies are still struggling to find enough workers at all levels to fill out teams. The labor shortage is causing timeline delays, higher project costs, and even forcing some companies to pass up bids for new work.

This might all sound pretty bleak, but these problems are far from insurmountable. Below, you’ll find some easily implementable general contractor and insulation installer tips to help streamline your workflow and get the most out of the workforce you have.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

In the face of a labor shortage working efficiently must become a priority for any business to thrive. While finding a solution to the labor shortage is much discussed it is clear that there is no quick fix. In the meantime, and going forward, there are actions you can take to improve efficiency and utilize technology.

Construction is Going Digital

According to Boston Consulting Group: “Within ten years, according to our estimates, full-scale digitalization in nonresidential construction will lead to annual global cost savings of $0.7 trillion to $1.2 trillion (13% to 21%) in the engineering and construction phases and $0.3 trillion to $0.5 trillion (10% to 17%) in the operations phase.”

Software programs, digital sensors, intelligent machines, and even drones are just a few of the advances we are seeing and can expect to see more of moving forward. Smartphones and cloud technology are helping to usher in these advances so even the smallest operations can take advantage.

Software Solutions at Your Fingertips

IDI’s job quoting software, Quote Plus by Hero Data, offers web-based smart solutions for front and back-end tracking, planning, bidding, invoicing, and more. Our systems were created by experts with you in mind—convenient, secure, efficient, and offering 24×7 support.

Having a great estimating, job costing, inventory management, and scheduling software is critical for today’s contractor. As the business grows, you quickly realize that multiple rigs require an automated system. The old methods like whiteboard scheduling require more management and leave greater opportunity for mistakes than programs designed to bring all aspects of your business together.

CertainTeed, one of our approved vendors, also offers valuable tools to help you work smarter, including their InsulSafe® SP Mobile App and CertaSpray® Field Troubleshooting App.

IDI is Here To Help You Work Smarter

IDI offers training classes and events geared towards showing managers, owners, contractors, salespeople, and installers across the industry how to work smarter. We highlight new products and techniques, best practices for hiring and training, and tons of other helpful insights and education from experts in the field.

At IDI, we work for you. And we’re here to partner with you and offer support in facing the challenges within the industry so we can all work smarter, be more efficient, and grow profits. We mean it when we say we offer on call expertize and professional guidance from certified experts. Click here for more information on our training classes and events or contact your local rep today to learn more about how IDI can help your business succeed.

By Ken Allison

Ken Allison works for IDI Distributors as a Business Development and Building Science Expert. Learn more about running an efficient insulation business when you attend one of our regional training events for applicators and contractors. Click Here to find one near you >


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