IDI Insulation Training Classes are back! – Safety First

IDI is happy to announce that we are opening spray foam and insulation classes back up and already have 6 on the schedule for 2021. Not only that, but we will be expanding the Three-Day Hands-On Trainings to some new areas of the country. Since these three-day events cover everything from installing and production to building science, managing, and sales, we are also planning to add a new class just for installers later this year. This class will include hands on training and focus on product installation, equipment maintenance, production, and tips for the jobsite. We will also be hosting at least two of our comprehensive Crawl Spaces Done Right classes this year. Be sure to check the website and our newsletter as we will be adding these classes throughout the year.

Classes have changed. Yes, there is new information, new codes, and new lots of things, but classes now require a higher level of safety and precaution. That means masks, safe distancing, and so much more. We are sanitizing and taking steps to better protect those who attend. This also means, we can no longer share hoods or fresh air breathing supplies. Going forward, anyone who wants to participate in live spray events will need to bring their own filter cartridge mask with organic vapor filters, or they will need to purchase one.

Construction is an essential trade and for our trade, product/equipment/safety training are essential. This is why our goal is to bring you the best training and resources we can. Thank you for your patience, your loyalty and letting us be your partner. We are glad to open these back up and look forward to seeing you and/or your crews at an IDI event in the near future.


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