Introducing IDI’s R-Value Podcast!

Are you a business owner who’s wondering where the next lead or customer is going to come from? A business owner who’s tired of losing to the competition? Maybe you’re trying to navigate the sometimes murky waters of product development, code changes and building science?

Want to learn about the newest products and latest trends in the Insulation Industry? Are you an installer who wants to learn the best tips and tricks to run a successful jobsite and crew?

About IDI’s R-Value Podcast

You’ve come to the right spot! R-Value will show you our value when it comes to all these topics and more. The R-Value podcast is the first of its kind in the insulation, building and construction industries. We’ll have guests that are leaders in their profession and we’ll dig in deep with them to bring you the industry and product knowledge you wouldn’t have if you didn’t listen to R-Value.

There are a lot of changes coming in 2020 for spray polyurethane foam, especially with the change in blowing agents. In episode one, we spoke with the people from Chemours who make the Opteon HFO blowing agent, and we will help shed light on the changes, regulations and enhanced product performances.

Are you struggling with marketing your business and wondering how to bring it to the next level? Listen to our episode with the Visibility Coach, David Avrin. David will give you tips and tricks to not only hold on to the customers you have but to also get the customers you don’t even know about.

Want to know what the economic climate will be in 2020? We have one of the funniest and most informed economists on the show — Brian Beaulieu from ITR Economics. How can an economist be funny? Stay tuned and you’ll find out later this season.

Tune in, subscribe and soak in all the knowledge that R-Value will bring to you. Find your value with R-Value.

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