Maintenance You Should Do On Your Spray Foam Rig at the Start of the Year

2022 has arrived and now’s the best time to get your spray foam rig ready for another big year. Even if you’re in a market that doesn’t have a winter lull, it’s good to set aside a day or two and go through your rig to make sure everything’s 100%. If you are in the frozen states… don’t forget the heater.

Starting outside, get the tires inspected at a local tire shop. Have them make sure there’s good tread, air pressure, no uneven wear, and a good spare tire. Check trailer brake pads and get those wheel bearings greased. Don’t let them forget the taillights, getting pulled over is never fun.

Inside the rig a lot can get overlooked. Start with all hoses including drum supply lines, return lines, air lines, and especially the spray hose and scuff jacket. Check every connection or attachment point. Look for excessive wear, rubbing, pinching, fraying, or kinking. Nothing’s worse that trying to replace a supply hose in the field with limited tools. Make sure air regulators are working. Transfer pumps may be getting air, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right amount. Too much air can damage air motor seals, or O-rings in the gun. Use a secondary regulator to confirm they are working properly.

Generators or generator/compressor combo units may need to be serviced twice a year. That said, performing one of these at the beginning of the year makes remembering easier. Change the oil, oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, and belts. Keep in mind, each unit may have different maintenance timetables, so refer to your manual for specific instructions, part replacement schedules, and their part numbers.

Transfer pumps are vital to SPF, but air motors typically don’t fail slowly. They go from fully operational, to not working very quickly. I am a firm believer in rebuilding/repacking the transfer pumps yearly. Even if they seem to be in fine working order, I still think this is a good idea. For a small investment, they go from worn out to brand new again.

For proportioners, maintenance like changing out TSL (A-Side), cleaning Y strainer screens, or greasing pressure relief valves, gets done on a regular basis. That said, at least once a year pull the cover off the electrical cabinet and carefully blow out the cabinet, with compressed air, to make sure dirt or debris aren’t collecting on electrical components. If you’re using a hydraulic proportioner, change the hydraulic fluid each year. The fluid type, amount, and filter part numbers should all be found in the manual for the unit you have. If you’re using an electric proportioner, you should be checking the displacement pump connecting rods. Look for excessive wear and any slack between the connecting rod and the gear drive. If there’s slack, the connecting rod must be replaced to prevent further damage and allow the pump to make a full stroke. If the drive makes a “clicking” sound, it may already be damaged and need changed.

Finally, for the spray guns, look for parts that have been scraped or cleaned so many times they warrant a replacement. If gun orifices are overly worn, O-rings may not be able to seal properly. Any items that seem suspect, order replacements now, so that when the part does fail, you’ve got the replacement ready. In fact, restock all your parts trays. Having spare parts on hand eliminates downtime spent ordering and receiving replacements.

Our goal is to help make sure 2022 is your best year ever. If you have questions on maintenance, equipment, contact your local branch or one of the IDI Service Centers. They can get you in touch one of our industry leading spray foam Tech Reps, or get one scheduled for a rig evaluation. If you need help with anything else, reach out to any of us at IDI, where we look forward to earning your business every day.


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