More Reasons to Understand Attic Ventilation

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Attic ventilation is a big deal in many parts of the country. From ice damming, to rotting a roof deck, or even comfort issues, it’s not hard to find attics not doing what they should be. Now if you’re thinking we published a blog on this a while back, yes, we did. But since then, another good one came out that may help you be a resource for your customers. Psst… this one’s from Energy Vanguard and Dr. Allison Bailes. Yep, a doctor who focuses on attic ventilation… okay, that and HVAC.

Is Venting an Unconditioned Attic Necessary?

We find this blog particularly shareworthy based on three main points:

  1. How attic fans can create negative pressure or increase stack effect, thus pulling conditioned air from the living space.
  2. Why air sealing top plates and attics is more important than cooling the attic, especially when it comes to ice dams.
  3. Why cooling the attic in the summer may not impact energy usage or comfort as much as expected.

By no means are these three the only nuggets you would get from reading the blog, but mostly, we hope it helps when you’re teaching building science to a customer and looking for quick, well written references to use.

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