Discover the spray foam products that have taken the insulation market by storm in 2020. IDI has insights into the most innovative, user-friendly, long-lasting and efficient products of the year. Featuring well-known brands across the industry, find the must-have product for your next insulation job. 


Sick of spending your downtime repairing and cleaning equipment? These six premium spray foam products will take hours off your projects and provide you with long-term reliability.

1. Graco: Fusion PC Gun

The revolutionary Graco Fusion ProConnect gun is the only gun available that features an easy-to-use, disposable replacement cartridge that enables contractors to complete a perfect rebuild in seconds — maximizing uptime and minimizing spare parts inventory. 

  • Sprays like a Fusion AP
  • Includes 13 parts that combine into one disposable ProConnect cartridge
  • Provides easy access to the mixing chamber without removing the fluid housing
  • Check valves are integrated for cross-over containment
  • Requires less time rebuilding, just swap out the cartridge and keep spraying

2. Bullard: Bullard AirGuard

Bullard AirGuard takes monitoring your breathing air into the 21st Century with its extra-large 7” color LCD screen. Now you can clearly see the status and quality of your breathing air, making this one of the best spray foam insulation products for job site safety when it comes to fumes and dust inhalation. Workers love its battery-operated function making it portable and convenient for any job, anywhere. Since this fresh air system is high pressure and is run off a compressor, be sure you speak with one of our specialists to make sure it is sized accordingly.

              man in coveralls and respirator hood using air guard

3. Graco: New Heated Whip Hose

Graco’s Improved Flex heated hoses are a premium spray foam product designed specifically for use with Reactor Equipment. This will make your spraying job easier to maneuver around the job site! Hoses are a key component to the total system, making it important to achieve accurate and uniform heating for the best application possible. 

  • Features an improved Flex design, making it easier to spray in tight areas
  • The new design is 20% Lighter than previous whip hose
  • Designed with 24″ of an insulated, non-heated section near the gun
  • Compatible with all Graco Reactor Heated Hoses
  • Includes reliable Xtreme Wrap scuff guard

4. Allegro: Breathing Air Blower

The Allegro Breathing Air Blower supplies comfortable and safe breathing air for users in an industrial, commercial or residential setting. Its portable and lightweight design allows for easy mobility. For long-term durability and product longevity, the blower is contained in a roto-molded plastic housing and is a low-maintenance unit that comes with a washable and removable filter. As one of this year’s highlighted spray foam products, this blower is ideal for OSHA compliance with its fresh air system, while simultaneously improving productivity. When using the product, note that a small temperature difference of 3° F to 10° F (-16.11° C to -12.22° C) is very significant when the air is blowing directly onto the user’s face and into breathing passages. This pump does not add heat to the breathing air, as opposed to the regular ambient fresh air pumps. Stay efficient and safe on the jobsite with the fresh air system!

5. Suburban Manufacturing: New Sidewinder Hose Sleeve with Fresh Air Hose Pocket

No more tangled hoses or snagging! Let the Sidewinder SPF Sleeve do the work for you. Suburban Manufacturing offers non-insulated and insulated versions of their New Sidewinder Hose with an external pocket to bundle your fresh air hose. Sidewinder also helps control viscosity and reduces wear to proportions, eliminating these headaches listed below. 

  • Inability to maintain ideal temperatures under varying conditions 
  • Hours spent repairing heavy hose sock and replacing tattered duct tape
  • Replacing costly FTS cables, FTS sensors and defective whips
  • Loss of yield, cutting into profit

6. Global Specialty Products: SurfaSeal™

SurfaSeal is an eco-friendly, silicone-free specialty lubricant spray foam product. While preventing coatings from drying on components and causing damage, SurfaSeal creates a high level of lubrication on the displacement rod that protects and elongates the pump rod. This premium spray foam product reduces abrasions, wear and friction, extending the life of the equipment and preventing flash rust. It also protects airless paint and coating sprayers. It is an ideal replacement for TSL for the wet cup on the proportioner.

Suburban Manufacturing: Tsunami PUR 5 Regenerative Air Dryer

Get the same high-quality air as Suburban Manufacturing’s Ultra Dryer line, but at a reduced price. The Pre Series Regenerative Air Dryers are the newest line to the Tsunami Compressed Air Systems. With two types of models to choose from, the Pure 5 and Pure 10, the dryers use a simplified control system and filtration system to guarantee the removal of oil, water and particulate matter before entering the dryer. These dryers perform to achieve dew points to -80°F and humidity as low as .01% RH. 



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