No-Burn® ThB Spray Seal – A Vapor Retarder and Thermal Barrier

A vapor retarder & thermal barrier in one application, you read that right! Check out our video on No-Burn®’s ThB Spray Seal.

Open cell spray foam has great sound attenuation and so many other benefits, but installing open cell in the north requires a vapor retarder. When spraying attics, crawl spaces, or anywhere the foam will be exposed, if there is potential to use the space, code requires it to be separated from storage, or occupied space, by a fifteen-minute thermal barrier.

Installing two coatings means higher costs, double the work, and double the coatings time on the project. That is, unless you use ThB Spray Seal. At only 16 mils wet film thickness (100 sf/gallon), Spray Seal passes the vapor retarder qualification and meets the thermal barrier requirements. Not only that, the finished coating is also scrubbable, ductile, and approved for incidental food contact.

From restaurants to cold storage, and from airports to someone’s attic, the No-Burn® ThB Spray Seal can not only help you be code compliant, it opens up more opportunities and make profiting on those projects a lot easier. If you have questions about Spray Seal, or any of the products we carry, reach out to your local branch or any of us at IDI, where we look forward to earning your business every day.


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