5 Points of Failure for Bidding Contracting Businesses with Joe Arrigo – Episode 28

5 Points of Failure for Bidding Contracting Businesses with Joe Arrigo

People think starting a business can be hard, but building a business on the other hand can be even more challenging, ESPECIALLY if you don’t anticipate simple obstacles that can sink your best-laid plans. That’s why business development education is extremely important and why we’re talking to one of the best voices in building business education, Joe Arrigo.

Joe Arrigo is the President/Owner of Resource Development Partners, a company that provides training, certification, and education for building material manufacturers. Joe specializes in building science education for residential and light commercial builders and trade contractors. On today’s episode, Joe reveals 5 elements that have the potential to sneak up on your business and turn it upside down.

In this podcast…

3:30 – The crunch of cash flow

10:00 – “In God We Trust, but in all others we bring data.”

13:17 – The dark side of inventory management

17:33 – Accurately pricing bids based on market conditions

23:00 – The true cost of onboarding a new employee

26:55 – Why you can’t miss on job costing


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