Acoustic Solutions for Contractors: Expert Tips from Owens Corning – Episode 51

Acoustic Solutions for Contractors: Expert Tips from Owens Corning

In this episode, IDI’s Ken Allison and Owens Corning’s Mark Keenan discuss various aspects of soundproofing and acoustic insulation. Marc, who has been with Owens Corning for 24 years, shares his expertise in sound insulation.

They cover the basics of sound transmission, the importance of resilient channels, and the differences in performance between fiberglass, mineral wool, and cellulose insulation. Keenan emphasizes the need for proper installation and the significance of addressing structural breaks to achieve effective soundproofing.

Additionally, they discuss specific scenarios, such as soundproofing for home theaters and music studios, and the challenges of air leakage in wall assemblies. Marc provides insights into the most common soundproofing projects and the best practices for setting realistic expectations for clients.

In this episode:

• The role of resilient channels in soundproofing

• Comparing fiberglass, mineral wool, and cellulose insulation for acoustic performance

• Addressing air leakage to improve soundproofing

• Practical advice for soundproofing basements and home theaters

• Setting realistic expectations for soundproofing projects

Tune in to gain valuable knowledge on sound insulation techniques and how to enhance your acoustic projects effectively.


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