Avoid These MAJOR Pitfalls On Spray Foam Projects with Henri Fennell – Episode 49

Avoid These MAJOR Pitfalls On Spray Foam Projects with Henri Fennell

This episode of the R-Value Podcast features an insightful conversation with industry veteran Henri Fennell about common issues that can arise with spray foam installations. Fennell shares his extensive experience analyzing spray foam problems and the most frequent causes he encounters, such as improper material handling and processing.

He emphasizes the critical importance of precisely following manufacturer guidelines, especially when it comes to material preconditioning and temperature control. Fennell also provides valuable advice on how to properly inspect spray foam projects, troubleshoot issues, and implement effective remediation strategies when necessary. He shares real-world examples that highlight how improper application techniques or conditions can lead to problems like shrinkage, odors, and indoor air quality concerns. This episode is a must-listen for spray foam installers looking to improve their practices and avoid costly callbacks.

In this episode:

2:37 – The 2 most common problems that result in call backs

6:24 – How to properly do a test shot

8:17 – How much has material handling been a factor in foam that isn’t properly processed?

16:30 – Testing for shrinkage issues

26:00 – Henri’s best practices to avoid job site recalls

34:00 – Dealing with spray foam odor issues

45:00 – The importance of purchasing reliable equipment brands


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