The Building Performance Association with new CEO Steve Skodak – Episode 40

The Building Performance Association with new CEO Steve Skodak

In this episode, IDI’s Ken Allison speaks live with Steve Skodak, CEO of the Building Performance Association at the organization’s 37th annual National Home Performance Conference & Trade Show.

The Building Performance Association has expanded its focus and reach significantly over the past few years. “Three years ago, we were communicating with maybe 7,000 to 8,000 people in our industry each week. That number is about 23,000 now.” Steve emphasizes the importance of supporting market rate contractors and facilitating connections between them and state energy offices to promote energy efficiency retrofits of existing home stocks.

Ken and Steve discuss the importance of the trade show, the availability of $250 million in training dollars for the energy industry, the importance of a whole home approach and much more.

In this podcast…

4:30 – What are some of the challenges that are facing market rate contractors?

10:38 – What is the Building Performance’s role in the industry?

16:14 – How the National Home Performance Conference & Trade Show is different from other conferences.

20:22 – What’s the future of energy policy in the US?

27:00 – “There’s a lot of consumers out there not quite as concerned about energy savings as what we in the industry are. They want a cozy home, they want a safe home.”

35:23 – How the Building Performance Association can get contractors the education they need.

39:02 – There is no way the number of contractors we have today are going to be able to do the amount of work that needs to be done

42:41 – What got Steve excited about this industry?


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