Doing Things The Right Way with Suburban Manufacturing – Episode 33

Doing Things The Right Way with Suburban Manufacturing

Doing things the right way, even when it’s harder, will help you maintain a business with great customer relationships and a reputation that attracts more customers. That’s a philosophy that is central to the success of Suburban Manufacturing and our guest today, Mike May.

Mike is the Product Manager of the Python division at Suburban Manufacturing, which is headquartered in Monticello, Minnesota. He has been working with the spray foam industry since Suburban first launched the Sidewinder Spray Foam Sleeve back in 2016, with his main focus being new product development, product line management, and new business development.

Mike takes us behind the scenes and tells us how Suburban tests the innovative products that you count on to protect your rig.

In this podcast…

1:00 – The importance of doing things the right way

6:00 – All of the industries that Suburban Manufacturing designs solutions for

8:23 – Keeping the contractor off the hook for very expensive hoses

11:26 – How Suburban uses “Stage Gate” to ensure that products that go to market solve the biggest problems

15:43 – Why Suburban partners with IDI to get products into contractor’s hands

17:48 – Why do people love to use the Sidewinder Hose Wrap and how the thermal elements helps contractors in all climates

23:29 – How Suburban developed a drum blanket that was actually easy to store

29:00 – Finding the best place for a drum blanket temperature


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