Mils Don’t Measure Performance with Dane Malmberg – Episode 16

Mils Don't Measure Performance with Dane Malmberg

Travis and Don are used to talking about insulating areas above ground, but on today’s episode they talk with an expert about the fast growing segment of crawlspace encapsulation. Dane Malmberg, National Sales Rep for Viper CS Crawlspace Vapor Barrier joins the show. He’s been in the business for over a decade and is here to explain the important differences and advantages of a high quality product like Viper CS as compared to the standard 6 mil poly used in most projects currently.

The industry has been around a long time, but Dane discusses the reason why Viper CS makes it possible for huge growth opportunities if companies add this to their existing services. Standard 6 mil poly is made from recycled materials and is prone to tears, punctures and degradation. Viper CS is made from one hundred percent virgin resin and is a reinforced, high performance barrier. These differences ensure better air quality, prevention of structural issues, longevity and even creating more usable space for clients in their homes or buildings.

Don Clymer, Travis Pankake


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