Episode 31

Right Sizing Equipment and Down Sizing Moisture Problems with Dr. Allison Bailes

This episode’s guest has a PHD in physics and he knows how to use it. Dr. Allison Bailes is the founder of Energy Vanguard, a company that focuses on teaching, HVAC design services, and consulting. Dr. Bailes works on the forefront of change in the way people see and use energy in homes.

Understanding the science behind the decisions you make and equipment you use is vital in today’s hypercompetitive environment. Dr. Bailes breaks down a lot of the calculations that contractors should be making to save money, ensure customers are happy and houses stay energy efficient.

In this podcast…

2:15 – What’s the right calculation to use when right-sizing equipment?

7:14 – How the load calculation…is actually calculated.

11:35 – Are we going to keep lowering loads?

14:04 – How air tightness regulations have improved over the years

21:36 – Dr. Allison reveals his perfect insulation contractor that he would hire on any job

24:37 – Different climates call for different solutions


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