Episode 34

The Inflation Reduction Act: Key Strategies For Finding Workers and Working With State Energy Offices

The Inflation Reduction Act is set to provide a lot of subsidies and other resources to contractors. But unless you know the details, you may not be able to maximize them for your business. That’s why we’ve invited Xavier Walter on the show to chat with IDI’s Business Development expert Ken Allison. They explain how you can get access to these benefits and how to best utilize them to hire and retain the best talent.

Xavier is the State Outreach Coordinator with the Building Performance Association. He is a certified energy auditor and contractor building science trainer for over 15 years in the home performance industry. He’s going to share some of his experience and how he built and ultimately sold his company by building a team of professionals, many who are still in the industry today. We discuss these rebates, how you can make sure your state actually takes advantage of them, and how to recruit, onboard, and retain workers by providing a clear career pathway.

For more on the Inflation Reduction Act Bill, read here: https://www.idi-insulation.com/what-does-the-inflation-reduction-act-mean-for-you-and-your-company/

In this podcast…

3:06 – Why this money is NOT a guarantee for contractors and what you can do about it

7:12 – What can you do to start adding labor for new construction projects?

12:45 – Training and wage subsidies options

15:59 – Thinking differently about what newer generations of workers want

23:28 – Rethinking employee benefits for better worker retention


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