Credits, Incentives, Code Enforcement and The Inflation Reduction Act – Episode 38

Credits, Incentives, Code Enforcement and The Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act may have already passed but there are still lots of questions about the credits, incentives and rebates contained within. How will the funds be distributed? Which states will benefit most? What’s the best way for contractors to ensure they can deliver these incentives to customers? Today we hope to answer these questions and more, which is why we’ve brought the foremost expert on the Inflation Reduction Act onto the podcast, Kara Saul Rinaldi.

Kara is the principal and founder of the Anndyl Policy Group and she joins IDI’s Ken Allison in a wide ranging discussion on this important legislation. Kara and her group acted as a vital conduit between legislators in Washington D.C and home builders to make sure that the Inflation Reduction Act provided as much value as possible to contractors.

In this podcast…

1:53 – Updates on the Inflation Reduction Act?

3:52 – Is the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act mostly industrial or consumer available money?

6:21 – Shaping policy for every stakeholder from contractor to consumer

10:23 – What’s the difference between tax credits vs rebates?

15:54 – What are some of the states that are most excited about the 179D?

20:43 – Different states have different needs

23:55 – How can you work with your state’s energy office to get these rebates on the streets?

26:45 – What are some of the elements that are of particular interest to all of the contractors and manufacturers who are going to have to move this into the marketplace?


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