A Conversation on Compliance: W2 Employees vs. Independent Contractors – Episode 43

A Conversation on Compliance: W2 Employees vs. Independent Contractors

In this episode of the R-Value podcast, IDI’s Marketing Manager Blake Moreau, IDI’s HR Operations Manager Brenda Mattson and special guest Maddie Hollis dive into the essential aspects of running a compliant and profitable business. They explore the intricacies of employee state laws, overtime requirements, hiring practices, and the importance of transparent communication within the workplace.

Whether you’re a small business owner or part of an HR team, the insights shared on wage and hour violations, proper documentation, and the potential fines for non-compliance will be invaluable to you.

Join the conversation as Maddie Hollis, author of the HR blog “HR Department Of One,” shares her expertise on providing advice to small business owners, while Brenda offers her perspective on employment records and company culture. From the complexities of exempt positions to the significance of workers’ compensation insurance, this episode is packed with practical advice and tools to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of employment law. Tune in to find your true value with R-Value and become an industry leader in your market!

1:39 – Why should you care about being compliant?

4:04 – Why Maddie calls her blog HR Department of One

5:24 – Top 5 things a business owner should do when hiring employees.

7:49 – The importance of transparent, factual communication

12:51 – When do you need to start withholding taxes for employees?

14:54 – Adhering to minimum wage and overtime laws.

19:39 – The difference between salary exempt and non exempt.

21:39 – Comp time vs. Overtime.

26:20 – Transparency and expectations for new hires

28:40 – When will you follow up with the employee?


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