This New Tool Will Show Your Customers the Undeniable Impact of the 179D Tax Rebate – Episode 45

This New Tool Will Show Your Customers the Undeniable Impact of the 179D Tax Rebate

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In the latest episode of the R-Value podcast, IDI’s own Ken Allison welcomes Apollo Energies CEO and President Mark Stout to show off a tool that will help your customers understand how much they could save by taking advantage of the 179D tax incentive.

Mark and Ken dissect the financial wisdom of insulating and air sealing commercial buildings of any size, revealing what may seem like an expense can actually become a profitable venture for your customers with the 179D tax program. Apollo Energies’ new tool is designed to transform how upgrades are accounted for and valued. The episode guides us through the nuts and bolts of qualifying for tax deductions through energy savings that beat standard requirements, and how to appreciate the nuances of bonus depreciation in the current tax code. Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your business’s profitability with the 179D tax rebate – a winning formula for your pocket and the planet.

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In this episode…

0:00 – Exploring the 179D tax rebate

2:43 – Signing up and logging in to the 179D Evaluator

3:36 – Example of adding upgrades like insulation and LED lighting to a commercial building to improve energy efficiency. Shows how this can lead to tax deductions through the 179D that reduce net project cost.

9:05 – Discussion of how Apollo Energies can do an audit, certify deductions, and manage the upgrades to ensure the project qualifies for the maximum incentives. This provides assurance if audited by the IRS.


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