Getting Your Marketing Ready for Rebates and The Inflation Reduction Act – Episode 37

Getting Your Marketing Ready for Rebates and The Inflation Reduction Act

For contractors and consumers 2023 really is the “year of the rebate” courtesy of the Inflation Reduction Act. Potential customers are just starting to learn about how they can utilize these rebates to start new projects, which raises the question. How should you adjust your marketing plan to best capture the interest of these new prospects in your market?

Today on the R-Value Podcast, you will get golden nuggets of masterful marketing with our host, IDI’s own Ken Allison, and guest Peter Troast, the founder and CEO of Energy Circle. Peter is recognized as one of the country’s foremost authorities on marketing for home performance, HVAC and other efficiency related contracting companies. He authors the widely-read Energy Circle blog and is a passionate advocate for the power of the whole house home performance business model. He and his team work with over 350 companies in 49 states grow their business through services like website design and development, search engine optimization, lead generation and strategic content production.

In this podcast…

2:53 – Is there already consumer interest online on for the inflation reduction act and energy efficiency topics?

7:51 – What is a building science approach and how does it work?

10:02 – What are the buckets of search terms around insulation that are most important?

15:35 – Why long-form landing pages are the ticket to the future.

18:36 – The most important forms of marketing that you need to focus on.

26:09 – When will tax credits be available and how should that affect marketing timing?

29:05 – Should I be reaching out to non-profit program managers in my area?

35:24 – What Google is looking for in your business profile.

38:24 – Other things you can be doing to move the needle higher on Google.


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